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    A-chieve excellence by educating our children at the highest level,
    helping them enter the education system as advanced students
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    C-reate a safe and active environment for children
    to spark their curiosity and foster hands-on learning
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    E-stablish positive growth and development
    as our children begin their life journey, with us
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    Join us and watch your kid Ace the first few years
    of their wonderful life journey!
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    Join us and watch your kid Ace the first few years
    of their wonderful life journey!

About Us

Welcome, to ACE Kids Academy , your child’s new home away from home. Here at Ace Kids Academy, we strive to live by our mission to:

    Achieve excellence by educating our children at the highest level, helping them enter the education system as advanced students.

    Create a safe and active environment for children to help spark their curiosity and foster hands-on learning.

    Establish positive growth and development as our children begin their life journey, with us.

We aim to fulfill our mission by providing the following for your children:

Our Facility

We offer our families and their children a quality educational program and childcare, combined with a safe, secure and exciting environment for our children to grow and develop. Our facility has ample open space and covered play areas separated by age group, as well as large common areas for meal times and recess!


At Ace Kids Academy, we know the foundation of child development begins with nutrition. We employ an in-house cook to prepare delicious and healthy meals for our children, ensuring they are ready to take on each and every day! Each child receives a nutritious breakfast, lunch, snacks and dinner throughout the day and all dietary restrictions/concerns are taken into account.

iPad Lab

As technology becomes more integral throughout our world, we believe our children can benefit just as much from the intersection of tech and education. At Ace Kids Academy, we incorporate the use of iPads to foster early technology skills to prepare your child for computer use in the next stage of life. We help your child become familiar with computers via learning games and language comprehension applications, which increase their problem solving skills, logical skills, and much more.

Experienced Teachers

Our staff consists of dedicated, friendly and passionate members who are focused on making our mission a reality. The director of our team has been in the education field for over 20 years and her extensive experience in the industry gives us a competitive edge over other learning centers in the city. Our teacher selection process enables us to hire those who are truly passionate about educating and caring for your child. Each teacher and staff member is fingerprinted and background checked before hire to ensure safety.

Love & Care

Your child’s safety, growth and well-being is our highest priority. At Ace Kids Academy, we maintain a low teacher-to-student ratio to ensure our children receive the individual attention, love and care they need. Your child’s happiness and development are everything to us and we are honored to work with our families and children to provide just that.

Letter to Parents

Date : 8/8/2018
Dear Parents,
As the proud new on-site owners of Ace Kids Academy, we would like to take this opportunity to introduce ourselves: My name is Asha Dayal and my husband is Raghuwar Dayal. We became interested in owning a preschool a few years ago after we had raised our own two children and began looking for a way to channel my passion for caretaking and education in a new way that served our community.

I have been a member of the DFW community for 15 years and operated my own daycare business out of my home for the past five years, prior to creating Ace Kids Academy. I was an active mother to my 2 children for many years before deciding to take my love for caretaking further by opening up my first preschool program. As a parent, I sent both of my children to pre-school from the age of 2, knowing the value an early education would provide for their development throughout life. As a parent and an educator, I understand that children thrive in comfortable, safe and active environments. Fostering that safe and fun space for children is something I have always prioritized and enjoyed, along with providing a quality educational experience. I am now thrilled to be managing our new school, Ace Kids Academy and following my passion for early childhood education and development. It is an honor to have the opportunity to serve the community and work with families like yours to provide the best educational and growth experience for your children.

In these next few months, you will see us take many steps to make our Ace Kids Academy grounds as wonderful as possible. The existing staff at the school will still be with us, ensuring that your child continues to develop relationships with the teachers they already know well. As we transition into this new Academy, we would love to hear from all of our parents – please do not hesitate to reach out or stop by to ask questions, comment or simply chat with us. We would love to hear your feedback and/or concerns. Nothing is more important to us than your child’s development and safety and it is our absolute pleasure to come on board and carry this journey forward. Thank you for entrusting your beloved child’s care and education with us.


Asha Dayal
Managing Member of Ace Kids Academy

Our Program

Full Time
6:30 AM - 6:30 PM

Infant : 6 Weeks to 12 Months
Toddler : 12 Months to 2 Years
2 Yrs Old : 2 Years to 3 Years
3 Yrs Old : 3 Years to 4 Years
Pre-K : 4 Years +

Before School
6:30 AM - School Start Time

Drop off to elementary school

After School
School End Time - 6:30 PM

Pickup from elementary school
Snacks and Dinner

Morning & Afternoon

Vocabulary building, Writing,
Colors, Shapes, Numbers,
Outdoor activities, Games, Computers,
Arts, Crafts and Music

Extra Curricular
Morning & Afternoon


Summer Program
6:30 AM to 6:30 PM

Field Trips every week
Fun weekly themes and activities
Breakfast, Lunch, Snacks, Dinner

Our Gallery